Status Hukum Hibah Orang Tua Kepada Anak


  • Agustin Hanafi Universitas Islam Negeri Ar-Raniry
  • Dhiaurrahmah Universitas Islam Negeri Ar-Raniry


A grant is a voluntary gift without expecting anything in return and without any reward from the recipient of the gift, and the gift is made when the giver is still alive. The KHI (Compilation of Islamic Law) mentions the relationship between grants and inheritance in article 211 namely "Grants from parents to their children can be counted as inheritance." With the provisions of this article, it means that a parent's gift to their child can be counted as an inheritance left by their parents. In society, there are still problems that arise from grants given by parents to their children. Meanwhile, grants and inheritance have different laws. This study aims to find out how the status of granting parents to their children. The research method used is normative juridical method by conducting literature studies. The results of the research can be understood that grants given by parents to their children can be counted as inheritance if the child has received a grant that is equivalent to the distribution of inheritance to other children and children who do not receive grants have also received inheritance equivalent to children who receive grants so that injustice does not occur