Pandangan Hukum Positif dan Hukum Islam Tentang Taklik Thalaq Relevansinya Dengan Kedudukan Istri Dalam Rumah Tangga


  • Susiana Institute Agama Islam Tafaqquh Fiddin Dumai


This journal addresses the issue position of wife in households has been sentenced thalak by the husband. Now shows almost evey marriage in Indonesia is carried out according to Islam has al ways followed the pronounciation taklik thalak by the husband. This sighat indtens to protect his wife from the husband’s anttitude of arbitrarines. If the wife is not willing for the treatment husband and wife, the divorce can be filed based on the realization of the terms mentioned in the addendum thalak. In this connection the authors are interested to discuss about taklik thalak perspective of Islamic law in Indonesian and Islamic law (fiqh) of the position of women or wife in the household when it has been in thalak by the husband. In this journal, the authors look at now the wife notch by positive law and Islamic law (fiqh). This research is library research.